Warranty Terms

Return policy of a Defect Unit 

Term and Conditions:

We are not responsible for misdiagnosis, please make 100% sure before you buy the part is intended

We are not responsible for any ECU programming

No Refunds on any electrical parts, we can only exchange or replace with a credit note

  • Goods remain the property of Auto Stop Parts (PTY) LTD until paid for in full. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, good supplied which are suitable for the intended purpose will not be accepted for a credit or refund. Items which have been fitted can not be returned for credit or refund. Items which have been disassembled or otherwise tampered with can not be return. Products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 7 days with some exceptions such as bulbs which carry no guarantee.
  • The guarantee on starters, alternators, ignition, engine management, air conditioning and all other replacement parts will only be valid if the fitment is done by an RMI accredited workshop and all required procedures are followed to ensure the correct fitment as this will be required the event of a claim.
  • The guarantee covers repair or replacement of the faulty item only, At   our discretion. We will not be liable for any consequential costs incurred directly or indirectly as a result of a faulty product. The shipping of products to and from our premises for the purposes of all claim will  be for the customer’s own account.  Item being returned for a claim must be accompanied by a report from RMI accredited workshop clearly detailing the issue and diagnostic procedure identifying the faulty item as well as copy of the diagnostic printout when applicable. Items that are return for claim must first  be assessed and will not be replaced on the spot
  • Making a purchase from us signifies your acceptance of our terms and condition. 

Return Items

  • Items must be return back to our offices, assessments and testing
  • We cannot do any warranty claim unless the item is return back to us “very important”
  • Returned item must be in the same condition as received
  • Error codes diagnostic print out must be with the item
  • Postage will be paid by the sender, we will pay for the item return back
  • Safely package the item in a box and possibly with bubble wrap or paper and seal the item for security reasons

It is buyers responsibility to make sure the item fits there specific vehicle.

No claim will be honoured should the damage to engine be due to overheating,
No oil in the engine, faulty cooling hoses, or over-revving of the engine. Any water


This pump must be fitted by QUALIFIED TECHNICAIN. Incorrect fitment of this pump could cause a hazardous

Condition, as a result of an electrical spark, igniting fuel or fumes, due to incorrect wiring or from a fuel leakage.

Ensure that the tank is clean before fitting a new pump. Dirt in the tank can destroy the new pump and invalidate the warranty. Prime the pump with fuel before installation to avoid the pump from running dry. IN THE EVENT OF A WARRANTY CLAIM, PROOF OF TANK CLEANING HAS TO BE SUMITTED. The pump is cooled and lubricated by petrol. To extend the life of any electric fuel pump, avoid running out of fuel



All correctly installed Electric Fuel Pumps will provide optimum flow and pressure under all operating conditions, thereby ensuring the best performance and economy throughout the expected service life of the pump

Facts about the Electric Fuel Pump

This high pressure, high volume pump circulate the total volume of the fuel tank in the less than one hour.

Any foreign material that has not been filtered out will also be circulated through the fuel injection components each hour – causing damage.

Because the carbon brushes run in the fuel, this contamination must be filtered out.

The roller cell pump has very small mechanical clearances, and therefor is easily damage by foreign material.

The armature of the pump can be damage it the outlet of the pump is block.

The roller cell pump can be damaged if the inlet to the pump is restricted

Installation procedure

1 Locate the cause of the failure of the existing pump and correct the fault.

2 Drain the fuel tank, check for impurities and check the filler cap for rust.

3 Check the tack breather and priming pump (if fitted) is in order.

4 Clean the surrounding area of the existing pump and filter.

5 Check that the new pump and filter are the correct part number.

6 Remove the old pump and filter.

7 Open the engine end of the fuel pipe and blow the fuel lines clear of foreign material.

8 Install the new pump and filter, and reconnect the fuel lines.

9 Fill the tank with clean fuel; connect a pressure gauge to the fuel line before the pressure regulator, a voltmeter to the pump terminal and a measuring flask to the return line.

10 Engage a safety circuit to activate the pump.

11 Ensure that the pump voltage, pressure and delivery volume is within specification.

12 Remove the test equipment and connect the return fuel line.