CHEVROLET SPARK AVEO 1.2 Fuel Injector Set (4) OE 25186566 96800843

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The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.

Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. If the number(s) do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

Ref part number: OE 25186566 E081G17393 96800843

Will fit on: Chevrolet Spark Aveo 1.0 1.2 60kW B12D1 80894

Symptoms of a faulty Fuel injectors

Starting issues.
Poor idle.
Failed emissions.
Poor Performance.
Engine does not reach full RPM.
Increased fuel consumption.
Rough engine performance.
Surging and bucking under various throttle loads.

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